Register to be a Service Provider

The next Homeless Connect will be Sunday April 26th, 2020 Service Providers Register here.

Why become a service provider?

Services are the core of Homeless Connect. Providing on-site services free of charge in one place, on one day, ensures that more people in need have greater access to help and support.

Services we typically offer at the event include:

  • Dental Care

  • Hair Cuts

  • Foot Care

  • Chiropractic Care

  • Massage

  • Birth Control

  • Indigenous Services

  • Free Edmonton Public Library Cards

  • Clothing

  • Prenatal Support

  • Tax Preparation

  • Housing Information

  • Employment & Training Services

  • Immunizations (Fall Event)

  • Identification support

Service Provider FAQ


Your setup should be complete by 9:15 am, as guests enter the hall and begin accessing services promptly at 9:30am. All services are expected to be at their booth space until 3:00 pm. If  for some reason your organization can't maintain your booth until 3:00 pm please contact Deborah Harmacy, Event Coordinator via email - [email protected]

Each service provider will be provided with a 10 x' 10' booth space, 1 six foot table with 2 chairs.  Service providers are responsible for all other aspects of their booths such as signage, information, equipment, staff and/or volunteers. 

Please wear a name tag. If your organization does not provide name tags, Homeless Connect tags will be available at the Information Booth.

If you are gathering information about guests / clients served at your booth, please consider sharing the public component of this information to assist us in compiling a report on the event.

Guests have the opportunity to visit as many services as they want.


The event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Service Providers will have access to the Shaw Conference Centre starting at 7:30  am onward on the morning of the event. All Service Providers must be set-up and ready by 9:30 am If you require additional set up time, please contact Deborah Harmacy in advance of set up day [email protected].



This surface lot located across from the Edmonton Convention Centre on Grierson Hill (not the Louise McKinney 2-Hour free parking) the lot located on the east side of the McKinney parking lot. This lot has access to the Assembly Level via the pedestrian overpass. ome street parking in free on Sunday’s, please ensure you check the area you are parking in


  • Volunteer Greeters will welcome guests at the main entrances to Edmonton Convention Centre and direct them to registration area in Foyer of Hall A-B-C.

  • At the Registration Desk, a volunteer will ask each guest a few questions and a fill out a short survey. Guests will be asked to identify their top three services they would like to access and this will be noted a Service Choices form. The Services Choices form a list of the services and map layout of the room will be provided to each guest.

  • Once the registration is completed, guest will then have access to the Service Area, upon entering the Service Area guests will receive a care package with toiletries and be matched with a volunteer Guide ( should they choose) who will accompany the guest to their service choices.

  • Volunteer Guides are available to assist guests and ensure that all prioritized activities or services have been addressed.

  • Guests will have the opportunity to get coffee/ tea in the registration area and snacks available upon entering the Service Area. A free lunch and access to snacks and beverages will be available for all guests, service providers, and volunteers thru the event.

  • Event Volunteers will be identified by blue t-shirts, Service Providers are in Green t-shirts, and Event Security will be in Orange t-shirts and will be positioned throughout the hall, Yellow Shirts are Team leads for the event volunteers and Committee Leadership. Anyone is a Yellow shirt is able to answer questions and contact security

  • When guests have completed their stay at the event, they will be asked to complete a short exit survey for event feedback.

  • We will also be collecting feedback from service providers and volunteers. Please share any notes you have about the day.

  • Indigenous Elders will offer two traditional smudging ceremonies at 11:00 am and 1:15 pm near the Buffalo Statue (Outside the Main Hall at the south doors) we encourage our Service Providers to join if your time allows.

Key Contacts:

For questions about being a service provider or about the event, please contact:

Deborah Harmacy, Homeward Trust Edmonton

Tel:  780-944-2979

[email protected]