1. Notes for Service Providers

2. Set-up

3. Parking

4. General Overview of the Day

Service Provider FAQ

Notes for Service Providers

  • Service providers should arrive prior to 9:00am, and are expected to send a representative to a Service Provider meeting at 9:30. This quick meeting provides an overview of the event, and shares pertinent information for service providers the day of.
  • Set-up should be complete by 9:45, as guests enter the hall and begin accessing services promptly at 10.
  • While a table and chairs will be provided, service providers are responsible for other aspects of their booths such as signage, information, equipment, staff and/or volunteers
  • Wear a name tag. If your organization does not provide name tags, Homeless Connect tags will be available at the Information Booth.
  • If you are gathering information about guests / clients served at your booth, please consider sharing the public component of this information to assist us in compiling a report on the event.
  • Guests have the opportunity to visit as many services as they want. 


The event runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Service Providers will have access to the Shaw Conference Centre from 7 a.m. onwards on the morning of the event. If you require additional set up time, please contact Deborah Harmacy at dharmacy@homewardtrust.ca.  


Limited free parking is available on the south side of the Shaw Conference Centre, near Louise McKinney Park. There are also parkades, parking lots and parking meters nearby. Street parking is free on Sundays.

General Overview of the Day

  • Greeters will welcome and direct guests at the entrances to Hall A-B-C.
  • Upon entering the foyer area guests will register at the Registration Desk. A Registration Volunteer will ask each guest a few questions and a fill out a short form. In addition, a list of the services and layout of the room will be provided.  Guests will be asked to identify their top three activities and services they would like to access.  A map of services will be available.
  • Once the registration is completed guests will enter at Hall A and receive a comfort kit containing some useful items such as tooth brush, toothpaste and other personal hygiene items. 
  • After receiving their care kit a volunteer Guide will accompany the guest to the service area.
  • Guides will then help guests access the services they identified as priorities.
  • Guides will accompany guests within the service area.
  • Guides will help ensure that all three prioritized activities or services have been addressed.
  •  A free lunch and morning snacks and beverages will be available for all guests, service providers and volunteers. We do encourage Service Providers to take a break and eat with our guest, we just ask that you DO NOT jump the line in the interest of getting back to your booth, we ask that you line up and eat with the guest.
  • When guests have completed their stay at the event, they will be asked to complete a short exit interview or customer satisfaction interview. 
  • We will also be collecting feedback from service providers and volunteers. Please make notes as we will be contacting you after the event.
  • Volunteers will be identified by blue T-shirts and will be positioned throughout the hall. They will be able to answer questions and direct guests. Anyone in a Yellow T-Shirt will also be able to assist, Event Security will be wearing orange T-Shirts. 
  • Should you have any security issues at your booth or near your booth we ask that you do not intervene, ask a volunteer in Blue or Yellow T-Shirt to call Event Security
  • Please do not give away blankets at your booth space.



Key Contacts:


For questions about the event, volunteers, and other details contact:

Deborah Harmacy

Homeward Trust Edmonton

Tel:  780-944-2979